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Project Title:
Off Road Motorbikes
Nature of Problem:
Ongoing issues regarding motorbikes being driven around the footpaths and roads in both Coed-y-Gores and Roundwood estates.

Project Updates

>> Motorcycle Annoyance - 11/03/2011
A small number of calls have been received regarding motorbikes in the area. Attempts are being made to identify riders and address were motorbikes are being kept. Incidents remain at low level with no calls being received in our main hotspot areas of Coed y Gores and Roundwood.
>> Motorbike annoyance - 26/02/2011

Within the last month there has been an slight increase in motorcycle annoyance related reports across the Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn areas. The reports reflect the same motorbikes causing the annoyance, therefore a motorcycle operation was put together and conducted last weekend in collaboration with the Council off-road team. Unfortunately no seizures were made, however 4 S59 warning notices were issued.

Also, one motorbike that had been repeatedly reported riding in an anti-social manner in the beat area was seized from a local youth who was also arrested for dangerous driving and theft offences.

>> Motorbike annoyance Calls - update - 18/10/2010
Since the new barriers have been put in place in the Coed-Y-Gores estate reports relating to motorcycle annoyance in this area has decreased dramatically. Between May 2009 and October 2009 we recieved 44 reports specifically relating to motorbike annoyance within Coed-Y-Gores. This year, Motorbike annoyance calls between May 2010 and October 2010 we recieved 1 call specifically for motorbike annoyance within Coed-Y-Gores, that 1 call was around the time the fencing scheme had just started.
>> Motorcycle Annoyance - 11/01/2010
November and December continued to show a small number of calls being received regarding motorcycle annoyance problems. Local information has led to the identification of three local riders and Anti-Social Behaviour Order referrals have been submitted. The youth motorcycle project will pick up momentum in the New Year with new ideas and facilities being considered for local children who want to make use of the off-road track. The public consultation meetings regarding the barrier work at Coed y Gores will take place on 14th and 16th January 2010.
>> Motorcycle Annoyance - Site Meeting - 19/09/2009
A site meeting has been held on Tuesday 15th September 2009 at Coed y Gores, Llanedeyrn involving Council, Planning Depts and Police regarding a scoping exercise to identify reasonable measures to reduce the use of off-road motocycles riding at speed through the area. A planning architect reviewed the layout of the estate and a number of suggestions were made regarding barrier placements and other similar measures available to distract the use of motorcycles through the pathways in the estate. Further meetings are planned prior to any formal arrangements being made. Updates to be given at PACT Meetings and via ourbobby.
>> Planning Meeting - Coed y Gores - 05/09/2009
An initial meeting has been held at Cardiff County Council Office's regarding the proposed landscaping of the area bordering Coed y Gores to prevent access by illeagal off-road motocycling.Suggestions raised at the public meeting held at Llanedeyrn High School on the 24th June this year were debated and a survey meeting provisionally arranged for the 15th September.
>> Motorcycle Operations - 04/09/2009
Operation Calliper targeting off-road motorcycling held on 25th and 27th August 2009. The Neighbourhood Policing Team together with the council off-road team using 4x4 vehicles and bike teams targeted any reports of anti-social motorbike offences in the Llanedeyrn area. High visibility patrols were conducted and only one direct report of annoyance was received during the dates the operations were run. This report related to youths in in Springwood area and the males were spoken with, details obtained and suitable advice given regrding their manner of riding. More Operations are planned over the forthcomming weeks.
>> Venture Play Off Road Motorbike Project - 12/08/2009

We are currently in the processes of arranging different trips to the CMX track in Rover Way. 

We are targetting youngsters between the ages of 10 to 16 years.These trips will act as diversionary tactics to hopefully stop/reduce the amount of illegal use of off road bikes in the area. 

We are aiming to run this throughout the summer holidays and we will be running this on a merit scheme.

Project Outcome

No final outcome has been reached

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