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Parking Issues

Date of Meeting: 12/07/2012
Meeting: Sketty Park Community Centre @ 7pm
Location of Concern:
Summary: Residents are concerned at the number of vehicles parking on the pavements in Warick Road, Derwen Fawr.

Officer/Partner Blog

>> Warwick road. - 19/12/2012

Regular patrols carried out, all in order. No reports of any offending vehicles.

>> Warick Road, - 15/11/2012

We are continuing to patrol the area at different times of the day, no issues have been reported to us and we have not witnessed any vehicles causing an obstruction. We will continue to pay attention to the area. 

>> Parking issues Warick Road. - 24/10/2012

Regular patrols being carried out with no issues. No further incidents been reported. Will continue to monitor.

>> Warick Road - 21/08/2012

Patrols have continued, no further complaints have been received.

>> parking monitored - 09/08/2012
officers have attended in the area and are continuing to monitor the situation. some residents have expressed concern re the information letter distributed. the situation appears to have improved with only minor offences being committed.
>> Warick Road - 30/07/2012

Attention has been paid again this week by the Sketty Neighbourhood Policing Team; no further complaints have been made.  Patrols will continue.

>> Warick Road - 24/07/2012

Patrols have been made to the location and no further complaints have been received.  We will continue to monitor over the next week. 

>> Parking on the pavement in Warick Road - 16/07/2012

We have patrolled the location and have delivered letters to all the residents requesting that they park their vehicles fully on the road so that the pavement is not obstructed.  Please be mindful, we will be monitoring this and any vehicles found causing an obstruction will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice resulting in a fine.

No new police priorities were set at the last meeting, however, we will continue to monitor this regularly as part of our patrols in partnership with the council.  No complaints have been made to us, if you have an issue give us a call!
>> Parking in Sketty - 13/05/2012

We will continue to monitor the parking especially paying attention to Gabalfa Road and Channel View at school times.  Any vehicle found causing an obstruction will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

>> Parking Issues around Sketty - 03/05/2012

No new police priorities were set at the last meeting, however, we will continue to monitor this regularly as part of our patrols in partnership with the council.

>> Parking issues. - 19/01/2012
It has been decided to keep this priority as there are still issues around the schools in the Sketty area. High visible patrols will be contiued on a daily basis.
>> Parking issues. - 29/11/2011

Daily regular patrols carried out in the Sketty/Tycoch areas especially around the schools. I can confirm that the schools have issued all the pupils with letters to give to their parents asking them to park legally. The Council enforcement officers have also been requested to patrol around the school at finishing times. Will continue to monitor and deal with any issues.

>> Parking issues - 24/10/2011

PCSO Mark Parker and Nadia Curry have patrolled on a daily  basis around the local schools in the Sketty and Tycoch area. There haven't been no issues or offences committed. We have asked the schools to help us by given out letters highlighting the dangers of parking around the schools to the parents . We have also contacted the Council to ask them provide a visible presence to enforce the yellow lines when possible.


>> Parking issues at peak times around the local schools. - 11/10/2011
Daily patrols carried out around all the schools in the Sketty area, spoken to many of the parents advising and educating them of the dangers of parking on the yellow hatched areas and doubles yellows, however there hasn't been any offences. The Council wardens have been asked to attend these locations when possible.


What we did
Letter dropped the local residents educating them and advising that appropiate action would be taken to offending vehicles
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