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Date of Meeting: 13/07/2009
Meeting: Owain Glyndwr Community Centre @ 6.30pm
Location of Concern:
Llygad yr Haul, Caewern
Summary: Anti social behaviour at Llygad yr Haul, Caewern

Officer/Partner Blog

>> youth annoyance - 08/09/2009
Youth given caution for cannabis possession - 08/09/2009
On Fri 4/9/09, Officers from Skewen Neighbourhood team were called to a report of youth annoyance on Heol Llwynon. A number of youths were moved on, alcohol was seized from under-age persons and one male was issued with a caution for possession of cannabis.
>> Llygad Yr Haul - 28/08/2009
Myself and other officers have made regular patrols of the Caewern estate and all has been quiet no problems in the area to report.
>> Llygad Yr Haul - 27/08/2009
Since my last update on 12/08/2009 I have been on annual leave untill 27th Aug upon my return to work on this day I was working an evening shift regular patrols were made through the evening and it was very quiet. No problems and no youths drinking or in vehicles playing loud music. 
>> Llygad Yr Haul - 12/08/2009
Myself and other neighbourhood officers patroled that area through the evening youths were spoken to and alcohol taken off them their details have been taken and youths moved on.
>> Llygad Yr Haul - 07/08/2009
Today myself and PCSo Sally Thomas were on patrol in the area and there were a group of five youths outside that shops in Caewern. Alcohol was taken off one youth who was underage and his details were recorded youths then moved on and we stayed in the area for some time afterwards.
>> Llygad yr haul - 06/08/2009
Regular patrols have been made in the are during the day shifts and evening shifts all quiet over the last couple of days no youth annoyance. Local residents and shop keepers spoke to and updated with information of our patrols. More patrols will be made in the area by myself and other officers.
>> Llygad Yr Haul - 30/07/2009
Patrols were made around Caewern tonight during the course of my shift by myself and other officers, all quiet on each occasion no youths out in Caewern or any vehicles in the area causing annoyance.
>> Llygad Yr Haul - 25/07/2009
Regular patrols were made by myself and other officers during the course of the evening. On one occasion while on patrol in the area and number of youths were spoken to on Llygad yr haul and alcohol was confiscated from a vehicle. Details were taken from the youths and they then left the area. During the later part of the evening from 9pm onwards on each occasion when we attended in the area all was quiet no youths outside the shops or on Llygad Yr Haul. I also spoke with local residents and advised them that we were on partol in the area for the evening.
>> Brookfield - 16/07/2009
From PCSO 54279 Gittus Patrols were made in the area of Brookfield during the evenings of Tue 14th and Wed 15th, all was quiet when we attended in the area no youths were present and the area of the Cwm was also quiet. Regular patrols will be carried out during the evenings and the weekends to ensure that the area remains quiet.
>> Youth Annouance - 15/07/2009
From PCSO Lian Gittus patrols were made in the area during the evenings of Tue 14th and Wed 15th all was quiet when patroled no youths present and no incidents reported. Regular patrols will be made in the area to ensure that it remains quiet. 
>> Llygad yr haul - 14/07/2009
Thank you to everyone who attended the last PACT meeting on Monday 13th July, residents who attended raised the issue of youth annoyance on Llygad Yr Haul during the late evening that continues through to the early hours of the morning. To work towards addressing this issue I will be patrolling the area periodically during my evening shifts and will arrange a high visibility operation when we have 3 PCSO'S and a PC working on a late shift. The aim of the operation will be to provide a visible presence and deal with any youths found to be acting in an anti social manner on Llygad Yr Haul and the surrounding area. Details of youths will be taken and any alcohol confiscated off minors or any person over the age of 18 who isdrinking with or supplying drink to minors. I have also supplied the local shops with posters of the names and contact details of all local officers so that local residents have a point of contact.


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